St Ann's RC Church Cheadle Hulme

Parish Service Team


The Parish Service Team has the following Vision Statement: “The Parish Service Team, guided by prayer, will join in a collaborative ministry with our priest and parishioners, encouraging our community to grow together and to do God's holy will. We will be open to the views of all parishioners and be receptive to new ideas, enabling our community to support one another and respond to the needs of God's people.”


A considerable number of initiatives have arisen from the monthly deliberations of the team and a regular rotation of membership hopefully ensures that new ideas are always forthcoming.


The team usually meets monthly on the second Thursday at 7.30pm. Minutes of the meetings are available on the right as you enter the church, along with names and pictures of the current team.



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  1. Arlene Norris
    Arlene Norris
  2. Clare Livesey
    Clare Livesey
  3. Danni McGrath
    Danni McGrath
  4. Fr. Chris McCurry
    Fr. Chris McCurry
  5. John Lynch
    John Lynch
  6. Julie Hindmarch
    Julie Hindmarch
  7. Kieran McDermott
    Kieran McDermott
  8. Lorraine Littlewood
    Lorraine Littlewood
  9. Priyanka Zacharias
    Priyanka Zacharias
  10. Wilf Breen
    Wilf Breen