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A Catholic funeral is a time of prayer, worship, and thanksgiving to God for the life of the deceased. The funeral director normally makes first contact with the parish to arrange the date and time of the funeral. Once this has been done, the family can then arrange to meet the priest in order to discuss the funeral arrangements. There are three options for the service:

1. Celebrating a funeral service at the crematorium, usually lasting about 30 minutes.

2. Celebrating a funeral service in the church, usually lasting about 40-45 minutes, followed by the commital at the crematorium or cemetery. This would be the most suitable and inclusive option for funerals in which many members of the congregation are not practicing Catholics.

3. A requiem Mass in the Church followed by the commital at the crematorium or cemetery. This would be appropriate if most of the people in the congregation are practicing Catholics who attend Mass on Sunday. They would then be able to receive Holy Communion and participate fully in the responses of the Mass. A requiem Mass often lasts for up to an hour.


Music for the Funeral 

Only Church music is permitted for any service which takes place in our Church. Non-religious music may be used in the crematorium or at the graveside, and is especially suitable for the gathering which often takes place after the funeral rites are concluded. The music that we use in Church has to be in harmony with the prayers of the liturgy and with the atmosphere of recollection which we must always observe in this sacred space. It is advised that the parish organist is present at the service. With the consent of the family of the deceased, it is now possible to live stream all of our funeral services.


Guidance for Cremations

Please read the guidance from the Bishops of England & Wales on cremations. In particular the scattering of ashes.


Guidance on Organising a Funeral in a Catholic Church