St Ann's RC Church Cheadle Hulme

Ways of Giving23/02/21

Ways of Giving


Donations to St Ann’s Parish are greatly appreciated

Father Sean and the Finance Committee would like to say thank you to all parishioners and visitors who donate to St Ann’s Parish.

Donations with Gift Aid 

In the tax year 2019/20 the parish was able to claim back over £10,000 in Gift Aid from HMRC Tax Office.

This was only possible because parishioners had signed up to the Gift Aid scheme for their weekly or monthly donations to St Ann’s. Envelopes are available at the back of church for visitors who wish to Gift Aid a one-off donation.

Anyone who has an income (wages, salary, pension or investment income), on which they are paying United Kingdom Income Tax, can Gift Aid their donations to St Ann’s by completing a simple form.

Signing up to Gift Aid will increase monies paid by the Government to the Diocese at no additional cost to individuals or to the parish.

Gift Aided donations need to be made either by Standing Order or by envelope so that the parish can keep a record of donations made to St Ann’s each year. This record forms the basis of the Diocesan claim to the Tax Office on our behalf.


Standing Orders  

Donating by Standing Order is our preferred method and eases our parish administration and we would like to ask all parishioners to consider changing to Standing Order instead of contributing by envelope, cheque or cash.


For the coming year your offertory envelopes will be delivered to your home address in March. If you would like your offertory donations to be collected from your home address please contact :  Mrs Terry Atkinson on 485 4828 or email:


Forms and Further Information

If anyone would like any forms or further information please contact Mrs Terry Atkinson on 485 4828 or email

All Gift Aid forms can be returned to, or can be collected by Terry, or returned direct to the Diocese at the address given on the form.

Online Giving

An online donation page to allow you to donate to the Parish has been set up. Click on the link or copy and paste

Online Giving or


Please be aware that a minimum donation of £5 is requested if giving in this way. Parishioners will need to use a password each time they donate – this is created the first time that a donation is made. All donations will be acknowledged by email from Investmycommunity and donations will appear on your bank/credit card statements with the narrative “Invest My School”. You can also Gift Aid your donation to help the Parish further. If you want to Gift Aid your donation, please tick the box shown on the screen even if you have previously completed a Gift Aid Declaration form in favour of the Parish for regular giving made by Offertory Envelope or Standing Order. Thank you for your support. 


Christmas and Easter Offerings


If you are a parishioner who usually donates by standing order and has signed up to Gift Aid and are making an additional Christmas or Easter Offering please use an envelope and write your name and postcode on the outside and we can then claim Gift Aid on these donations.


Effect of Covid


During these very difficult times, Covid19 has caused us to lose £25,000 of our donations so far this year, and St Ann’s still has bills to pay.  



The loose plate and envelopes are particularly affected with fewer parishioners attending Church. In order to sustain our income going forward to be able to meet the bills still needing to be paid, we are asking you to please consider changing to Standing Order for your future donations.  This would also greatly reduce the risk of Covid associated with the handling of envelopes and the banking of cash and cheques.

Standing Order Forms and further information can be obtained by contacting:  Mrs Terry Atkinson on 485 4828 or email