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Welcome to the website of St Ann's Catholic Church, Cheadle Hulme – and welcome to its new(ish) welcome page! Several years ago, despairing of ever managing to write a fresh new message for this page on a regular basis I attempted to ‘future-proof’ it by avoiding anything too topical. So I began like this: Our church was opened in 1952 and, though tucked away unexpectedly along a residential road, is large enough to seat a congregation of around 250 – and not infrequently seems to do so. In 2012 the approach of our Diamond Jubilee celebrations had prompted a redecoration of the church, and over the last few years several additions have, we believe, enhanced its beauty and our worship and activities here, including a new and more striking cross for the sanctuary, with a Risen Christ figure, a new digital organ, and a number of other smaller but still significant changes.

Now all of that still remains relevant, but it doesn’t mention the further ‘behind the scenes’ extension of 2018, the new sacristy, servers’ area and flower room, replacing the former cluttered and ugly sacristy, which was surely unworthy of such a beautiful church. Most importantly, St Ann’s is a very active and, thank God, a very thriving parish – check out the pages listing parish groups and activities – and also a very friendly and welcoming community, so if you're not already a parishioner we should love you to visit us – in person as well as on this website.

But not just now. Sadly but understandably, the coronavirus lock-down at the moment prevents us from keeping the church open as usual for quiet prayer and adoration and for all the usual Masses and services. We hope and fervently pray that this difficult and tragic time will soon be over. Meanwhile, since Palm Sunday we have begun live-streaming Masses so that we can still be united in heart and spirit. Please join us by visiting (you don’t have to be ‘on Facebook’). Times of Masses are generally at 10.30 am on Sunday; 10.00 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 7.30 pm Wednesday; and 12.00 noon on Saturday. I do hope that you will find lots more helpful information on this website.

With love and prayers. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with us all.



Father Chris McCurry





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